Matthew Smith

Oct 22, 2017

1 min read
Photo by Morvanic Lee on Unsplash

Thank You

Thank you breath. How incredible is it that I breathe and live? How incredible that my body knows to breathe even when I forget. That feels like grace, a benefit of life that I don’t work for—a gift.

Thank you heart. You move blood around my body so I can move and have a body while I live in a body. Thank you for working without my direction. Thank you for your life span. You are a good muscle.

Thank you brain. You are a wild one. Thank you for being creative enough to help me deal with pain when I was young. Thank you for giving me new thoughts now, and an imagination to accept pain, and soften to it now so I can live with more smiling.

Thank you Life. You are a wilderness. You are an uncomfortable friend, and you have helped me into deeper experiences and spirituality through pains and joys alike. Thank you for giving me hunger for real love, real love for myself as a mistakeful and beneficial life-liver, real love for others and their stories, real love for Greater Than me, God, Higher Power, Love beyond the reaches of people.

Thank you. I am grateful you are here too.

Matthew Smith is either two wily bear cubs stacked in a trenchcoat or a full-grown man — some days it’s hard to tell.

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