Matthew Smith

Nov 3, 2020

2 min read

Be Really Good

(Originally written as an email to our subscribers on Really Good Emails)

Hello humans,

It’s Monday night (as I’m writing this). My dog is playing with my girlfriend out in the yard as it gets dark. My butt is sore from sitting at my desk for too long working on designs this afternoon. I’m feeling both restless and content. Weird mix, but hey, that’s the soup I’m made of.

If you peek at the faces of people in the United States right now we all have some measure of a look that shows we’re in the middle of a difficult existential bowel movement. Yes I just put that mental picture into your head — you’re welcome. It’s the look of people who are afraid, angry, upset, and on defense. We’re waiting to see what’s coming next in 2020. We’ve had pandemic, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, death of heroes, family and friends, and now we’re wondering about the fate of our country. If you’re not in the U.S. you’ve probably felt your own menagerie of feelings about your own circumstances and how the decisions of others ripple out and effect the rest of the world. So that’s the part of me that feels restless.

Despite that, I’m also feeling content tonight. I’m content because I know that this community, and many other communities throughout the United States and the world at large, are wise enough to hold differing opinions and love for each other in the same heart.

Because of that, today is a reminder to vote for others. For some of you, that will be through a pen on a ballot. But it can be through a nod and and a smile; through your hands, holding the door for someone you don’t know; through an apology to a colleague you disrespected last week; through a text to your mom or dad or your adopted parents; through a hug for your children or tears for the ones that aren’t with us anymore; through a sincere question and a desire to understand someone you disagree with; through your silence and your voice; through your music and your math. Vote with everything you have to bring all of you to this one incredible life you have.

It’s election day in a difficult year in one country on earth, but we all can vote every day and all day with everything we do for each other. Be the country you want to live in. Be the community you want to experience. Today, notice what others are doing and celebrate it by telling them. Let’s share more of the good news together and see what we can build out of that.

Thank you all for being our friends. We’re constantly blown away by your camaraderie and talent.

Stay Really Good,

Matthew & the RGE Team

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